Here you will explore nutritional and physical fitness from a fresh perspective.  If truth be told, we all know what we need to do, eat right and exercise.  We will explore this key subject from the "mindset" perspective.  You will consider your current state of wellness and define exactly what you want your health and fitness to be moving forward.  You will define why you want it and determine what actions you will be taking to get it.  By the way, without wellness we are challenged in all other life areas!



Our character is profound and paramount in that impacts and influences every life area.  We will explore and see how character plays out in the course of life.  You will have the opportunity to define the person you need to become (or, at least improve upon an already strong character) in order to attain the life you desire.  Your character impacts so many others and you will connect with this powerful reality!  You will become very familiar with the traits that you consider important and then you will strategize and build those traits into your life!



We will examine and explore our beliefs around what makes us ‘happy’.  Our consumer society constantly hammers at us about all the "things" we need to do to increase happiness.  These are lies - period!  We will look what the data says about finding joy and happiness, and we will look at the dramatic and magnificent changes that are available to us as we engage in the practices and actions that bring about true happiness.  This category, by itself is monumental and life altering!

Emotional Fitness


Learn to be ‘smart’ with your emotions!  We will explore the fact the emotions are data.  You will learn to utilize that ‘data’ to become more effective in dealing with both the emotion and your interpretation of emotions.  Your awareness of yours and others’  emotions will be heightened allowing you to better perceive how to navigate emotionally charged situations!  Remember this, “People Drive Their Future – but, Emotions Drive People”!  This part of the V-12 experience will change you forever – for the better!



Here we will gain important insights to our natural tendencies of thinking, feeling, and behavior.  We will also discover how we might ‘adjust’ our natural tendencies in certain circumstances in an effort to fit in, to avoid conflict, or even demonstrate an assertiveness that doesn’t typically come that easily.  You will learn your personality style strengths and your style blind spots – ultimately you will gain insight on how you can be more effective with others!



As we look from the perspective that we are all purposed for something (or, many things) we look at purpose as the reason for the journey’s we embark on, and passion as the fire that fuels us and lights our way.  As we navigate purpose, we challenge that part within us that perhaps has learned to “settle” rather than dream.   A part of this exploration allows us to connect dreams, purpose, and heart with our other life areas – this is a deeply insightful experience that lends itself to reflection as well as practice!

Primary Relationship


Here we will examine the most intimate relationship you will ever have.  We will look at your current beliefs and offer new perspectives.  We will learn to frame this relationship in a manner that  allows for transformation, leads to restoration, and perpetuates growth.  This process is unique, if you are willing to challenge yourself it can be perspective changing, and beyond rewarding !

Family Relationship


The relationships formed with family are as important as it gets.  Here we will explore the gamut of our key relationships: parent-child; child-parent; sibling-sibling; and our extended families.  We will examine our beliefs around these relationships as we intentionally design strategies to increase our effectiveness in all our roles.

Social Relationships


Time, contribution, obligation, and service with and toward others will frame this exploration.  Here you will explore, examine, and make determinations regarding your friendships, acquaintanships, and social out-reach involvements.  Specifically, you will thoughtfully examine and determine which relationships and associations contribute to your life in a meaningful way and which ones drain you.  You will learn how to strengthen the meaningful and important relationships and what you need to do to let unhealthy relationships go.



Explore how we go about “making a living”, as well as what a meaningful and satisfying career looks like.  We will explore questions like, ‘How did you choose the career/work you do right now?’.   And, we will do some in depth playing with purpose, passion, and practicality in the here and now.  We will delve into the concept of the ‘price’ of our choices in light of our goals in life.  This is a powerful integration of other life areas – so, prepare for an insightful journey!

Money Relationship


We will explore the nature of money and develop a new (or, renewed) awareness of what it represents, where it comes from for your life purpose, and how wealth is created.  The idea is to pursue self-discovery around your relationship with and toward money and purpose in life.  From this exploration you will come to view yourself finding your purpose in your financial life in a new way!

Life Preferences


As you think about how you currently spend time (the hours, days, weeks, months, and the years) you will be challenged to consider ‘upgrades’!  Your life preferences deal with your quality of life in terms of the dreams, goals, things, people, places, environments, and circumstances that you enjoy, and that charge and excite you.