Life Area Examination

V12 Living is about self-examination.    Here, with a structured yet comfortably paced format, you will be able to take the time to examine, think, talk, and create a path forward that honors and maximizes all areas of your life. Over the course of four-days you will generate your map for creating a life filled with intention and fulfillment!   

This is a deeply personal and intimate exploration and is reserved for a maximum of only 12 people!  Act with intention and reserve your spot early; take action on your path forward!   

SØren Kierkegaard said, it takes “great courage to dare to look at yourself.” Experience has shown that many of us live in varying degrees or states of wholeness. In other words, our lives may be fully functional & successful in a few areas, but on whole, our lives are out-of-balance.    

Our professional life may provide us with positive challenges, positive recognition, and a satisfactory income, but our other life areas, such as wellness and our primary relationship, they end up suffering. Others of us are managing a ‘job’ or even a career, but in doing so we are left feeling incomplete, living with a void that goes to our very soul. While others of us do just fine with our closest relationships, up to the point when things get challenging. Then, our feelings get in the way and our emotional reactions create noticeable dysfunction with those key people in our lives.    

The point is, many (if not most) of us simply are too busy ineffectively reacting, rather than appropriately responding  to the circumstances of our lives. We are like sticks going downstream just trying to keep our heads above water. We lack clarity as to where we are and where we want to be in many areas of our lives. We need to explore our options (sometimes, we just need to discover that we have options) and make choices that allow us to find the calm area of the stream and sort things out – create with intention the story that is our life.   

In the V12 Living program you will examine your 12 life areas, you will gain the clarity you need to start to create the life you truly were meant to experience – one where you dictate to the circumstances of your life and leave little room for circumstances to dictate to you.  

Results You Can Expect - Achievements

The V12 Life Areas journey of personal and relational discovery is unlike any journey you have ever been on…. The exposure to ideas, ideals, and in-depth deep-dives will profoundly influence and change your life, and likely the lives of all those with whom you connect moving forward.   

With a structured, inspirational, and logical approach you will create a template that will allow you to make meaningful & measurable strides in your personal and relational life areas. Below are six significant, life changing takeaways for your investment of both time and treasure:   

1) The purpose of V12 Life Area exploration is to become very clear on what  you want each life area to look like - CLARITY   

2) You will have developed a detailed plan for each of your life areas, allowing you to move from no plan to detailed plan, from ordinary to extraordinary - PLANS   

3) You will be able to see progress toward goals as you become more conscious and more focused on your thoughts, feelings, and actions - PROGRESS   

4) You will also find that as you achieve in one life area dividends feed into your other life areas – success breeds success  - FRUIT   

5) With immediate (and on-going) results you will see that intentional living has so many other benefits - LIFE CHANGE 

6)  You’ll have the opportunity to build powerful and lasting relationships throughout each day and evening.  Over dialogues,  meals, and fun we will get to know each other and extend yourself to others at even deeper levels - RELATIONSHIPS

Additionally your investment will allow for: 

  • A powerful sense of life balance and an increased quality of life 
  • A greater maturity and approach to decision making in all life areas 
  • An increase in confidence in those life areas where struggle has existed 
  • Meaningful upgrades in all relationships 
  • Greater focus, sustainability and productivity 
  • “The rubbing off effect” 
  • The difference you will make in others lives!  


The location we choose to host your V12 Living experience will compliment the significance of this event. You will find an environment that combines beauty, calmness, tranquility and inspiration as you set about defining and  designing your life area plans.   

Your Focus is Our Priority

In order to gain the clarity you need we have eliminated the need for you to worry or plan for meal preparation or going out to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner;  We will be served by a personal chef whose enjoyment is in the preparation of wholesome, tasty, organic meals. Also, to minimize travel time and the hustle and bustle of a daily commute, your room will be accommodated at the home where the event will take place. So, all food, beverage, and room accommodations will be found within the venue site – The work you are doing takes precedence over all of these necessities!  Please note, this is NOT "Hotel California", you can leave and take dinner out and about, just let us know in advance if you feel the need!  

The 12 Areas Plus the Fuel Area

Sometimes we have to go against the tide or the trend! In today’s world everything is about speed, demands of faster, faster, & faster are not foreign to any of us. Consider the following: 

1) Americans spend over $120 B on fast food, and we still have to wait too long in line!

2) Email can travel over 3000 miles (L.A. CA to Bangor Maine) in just about 2.4 seconds and we still get impatient; and, 

3) 100,000 Q-tips can be ‘made’ in about one second on low tech equipment, so upgrades are needed! 

BUT, sometimes we need to SLOW DOWN in order to speed-up!    

That’s what the V-12 living 4-day intensive is about – slowing down to take inventory on our lives, so that when we get back in the race, we run with intention born from a well thought-out understanding and focus!   

V12 Living Retreat Investment

This four-day immersive retreat is designed to provide you with the utmost in learning time, reflective time, interaction time, and design time.  Please contact us at and we will have Daniel Lupton, our Client Services Manager schedule an appointment to set-up a dialogue regarding the retreat as well as answering your questions as a prospective participant.