An IDEAL Client is...

Ready for Transformation


You are forward focused, ready to drop the excuses, coachable, willing to go deep, loves application, ready to venture out!!

Wanting More for/from Themselves


You want high quality in your relationships and you desire to actually attain your goals and dreams.

Ready to Invest in Themselves


You're tired of postponing and burying your BEST LIFE!  You are seeking assistance to achieve the results you want in your life!

About Us


Marek Helstrom

Over 15 years ago I transitioned from a successful, yet at some level, not fully satisfying career as a geoscientist, area manager, and executive consultant (exploration & development) in the oil & gas industry.  It was an INTEREST of mine, but not a PASSION, & definitely not my PURPOSE!  

I left to follow and hone my skills in helping others' drop limiting beliefs, see new perspectives, take new actions, and grow in areas beyond what they were conditioned to see as  possible.   In this process, I grew to where my interests & passions converged, toward my purpose! My desire is to help others do the same!  

So today, I would say that my efforts are in helping free people to take positive and meaningful action toward the possibilities that move their hearts and get them excited about their ambitions & dreams - their purpose!!


Marek & Darlene do powerful work with individuals & couples.

We are so excited to bring the V12 Living program to our existing clients and our soon to be new clients.  This offering represents a culmination of experience, research, reflection, personal trials, and a mindset of growth grafted with an awareness of the need to approach life with curiosity and love.  

We look forward to help you change your life:  find your enthusiasm, conquer your fear, transform your key relationship(s), and live with intention in all life areas - FIRING ON ALL 12 CYLINDERS!


Darlene Ann Helstrom

I became a mother at the very young age of 15.  By the time I graduated high school, I had two children.  By the age of 26, I had three children and found that 60 year olds were coming to me for advice (I'm told I'm an old soul).  By the age of 32 I had been divorced twice and married three times (I'm keeping this one!) .  

At the age of 35 after many events in our lives,  I basically grabbed my husband and headed down to our local City Hall to start a company in which I thought I would help promote, when all of a sudden I started getting invites to speak at Mary Kay meetings, Women's Conferences, etc.  and the next thing I knew I was getting certifications and increasing my knowledge in Human Behavior, Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, and co-training workshops with my husband. 


Although speaking was not my first pick as a PURPOSE, I soon realized I was fulfilling an untapped PASSION along with Coaching the many diverse people with diverse backgrounds to live life WITH INTENTION, ON PURPOSE!!!  

So my question is "How do you want to be remembered when you die?"


About Us


Daniel Lupton

Daniel is the V12Living Client Services Manager.  He is also a powerful and gifted coach and trainer.  As a life coach he helps his clients develop new awareness and new perspectives, enabling them to make new choices and take new actions.  As an executive coach, Daniel provides an unusually strong perspective in the realm of business and client development.